Our Purposes and Objectives

  • To turn Turkey into an educational center by way of increasing the number of international students studying and being taught in our country,
  • To promote the educational institutes in our country abroad,
  • To support the international students socio-culturally and financially throughout the terms of their education in Turkey,
  • To seek for, and develop the opportunities in Turkey for international student services.
  • To provide the employment of the international students especially in the fields lacking in our country,
  • To resume commercial and socio-cultural collaboration with these students upon their graduation,
  • To organize sports activities for the participation of the international students studying at the universities; to organize trainings and tournaments in the fields of sports,
  • To organize programs and activities intended for the on-the-job and vocational training of the international students graduated and currently studying in Turkey,
  • To contribute to the development of health tourism, and to its promotion abroad,
  • To bring up personnel speaking advanced level of foreign languages for the institutions serving in the field of health tourism.

Our Promotional Activities

  • We are promoting our countries abroad, thanks to the respective supports of T.R. Ministry of Economy.
  • The Ministry grants supports for the foreign promotions of our universities by up to 70% under certain conditions. (Our association provides respective consultancies to the universities).
  • We find students for our universities from abroad to study for associate, undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctorate degrees.
  • We enroll students to our universities within the scope of Erasmus and Mevlana programs.
  • We keep the international students informed of our country and universities by means of the respective consultancy we provide them.

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