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Öğrenci bilgilendirme broşürümüz (Acente Broşürü) için tıklayınız…

  • Great cultural and social life
  • Compared to Europe, life and university prices are very cheap
  • Quality of education as in European standards
  • After graduation facilities of enployment in Turkey and your country
  • Study and scholarship opportinities in university
  • There are Turkish Language Courses in each University (TÖMER).
  • Turkish Universities have around 8 million students. These are 180 000 International Students, Students from All Countries.
  • All Sections are available in each area in Turkey. (Health, Engineering, International Relations And Trade, Social And Law etc.)

You Need To Know

1- What Do Students In Turkey Say?
2- 10 reasons to study in Turkey
3- Study in Turkey

  • First decide which department (Health – Engineering – Economics)
  • State Universities are inexpensive, with Turkish Education and YÖS Exam.
  • Private / Foundation Universities Paid, Turkish and English. Entries are made according to high school diploma grade. Scholarship Opportunities.
  • We will provide Free Counseling Service for Registration to Foundation Universities.
  • You can find the registration dates and terms in each university’s web site in detail.

You Need To Know

1- Information About University Registrations
2- Study In Turkey (Information About Registrations)

Step 1

You can start the registration process if you have decided on which section to read. You can pre-register for up to 3 separate areas. Click on the Student Registration section at www.issa.org.tr.

Step 2

Complete the Registration Form. According to the information we provide to you on behalf of Turkish Universities to find the most suitable for 3 Universities. See here for the required documentation on registration.

Step 3

We will evaluate your selected universities together. Pre-Accepted Registration Certificate. Then we will make a registration between the registration dates by paying the registration fee of a university. (The dates of registration of each University are different and generally between June – September).

Step 4

Make a Final Registration Week will open University that Turkey will come Original Documents Delivery Ed Elder. Final Step Taken your Student ID Card in Turkey you will start a new life.

You Need To Know

1- ISSA Member Universities
2- All Universities In Turkey

YÖS (Foreign Students Examination); It is an examination organized by universities to study undergraduate or pre-license in State Universities in Turkey. (This examination is not required for PhD and Master’s degree.) You will be enrolled in State universities according to the average score of your exam score and your diploma score. However, you do not need to take this exam in private universities. Most of the private universities are taught in English and enrolled according to your diploma grade and tuition fees are charged.

# Click here for sample YÖS exam questions.

YÖS exams are conducted in various foreign languages, mainly in Turkish and English at the dates determined by each university (usually in April and May) in many countries abroad. Students can take the YÖS exam organized by more than one university. Each university accepts its own YÖS exam, as well as the YÖS Exam conducted by other universities. Examination fees are variable and approximately 100 Euros and it is obligatory to register and pay this fee on the dates specified before the examination.

# Please click here for the current dates and conditions of YÖS exam.

As ISSA, we accept pre-registration for YÖS Exam from our website. Please click to pre-enrollment for YÖS from ISSA. When you decide to take the exam of the universities, we will receive a 100 Euro fee as online with credit card, by bank or in cash from students, and you will be able to register for the final exam. Even if you do not take the exam after the final registration or if you do not pass the exam, your money is not refunded. We will give you a consultation in the registration process until you take the YÖS Exam and we will not charge you another fee of 100 Euro.

You Need To Know

1- Our promotional video about YÖS
2- To register for YÖS exam
3- About YÖS course
4- About SAT course

For students who want to study with a scholarship in Turkey; there are various scholarship options including scholarships provided by Republic of Turkey, scholarships provided by students’ own states, scholarships offered by various national and international institutions and organizations, scholarships of universities. The opportunities and amounts offered by the scholarship institutions vary. Some of these institutions also cover the cost of transportation from your country to Turkey. The amount of monthly scholarships also varies according to the level of education of international students.

You can review which scholarships are available on web page of the university and get general information on details page. In addition, there are also scholarship programs provided by Turkish Scholarships and Council of Higher Education (CoHE).

Örnek Tablo

CoHe Scholarship for International Students

It is aimed for international students at undergraduate and graduate levels in countries signing protocols with the Council of Higher Education. If students who are admitted in Turkish higher education programs do not have Turkish Proficiency Certificate, a one year language preparation is offered to the students.

Turkey Scholarships

In addition to providing financial support, Turkey Scholarships allow international students to be placed in the university in their intended application program. With this feature, it differs from other scholarship programs in the world. The aim of Turkey Scholarships is to ensure that students benefit from social and cultural activities during their time in Turkey as well as university education. This Scholarship Program also covers the needs of students such as accommodation and health insurance during the education period.

You Need To Know

1- About The Fees Of Universities In Turkey
2- Turkey Scholarships

Higher-Education in Turkey

The students can continue their education in state universities or private universities in accordance with the results of the exam they attend after high-school. The programs of universities;

  • Associate degree programs
  • Undergraduate programs
  • Post-Graduate programs
  • Post Master programs
Associate Degree Programs

The associate degree programs continue for 2 years. The associate degree graduates can get their associate degree diplomas without attending a central exam.

Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate programs usually continue for 4 years. The education of the faculty of dentistry is for 5 years while the faculty of medicine is for 6 years.

Post Graduate Program

The post-graduate programs are divided into 2 as the ones with thesis and the ones without thesis. The post-graduate programs with thesis is for 2 years and the post-graduate programs without any thesis is for 1.5 years. The term of masters programs are 4 years.

Post Master Programs

There are also the programs in Turkey applied after masters and their terms vary according to the program and universities.

Academic Schedule

There are two academic terms in Turkish universities as the autumn and spring terms. Apart from this, some universities apply summer school programs.

You Need To Know

1- Education system in Turkey (YÖK) 2- Higher Education In Turkey 3- Study in Turkey

It’s a Dream to Study in Turkey – The Cradle of Knowledge

With its nature, history, location, cultural structure and the level it has acquired in terms of education, Turkey is one of the world’s primary centers of education…

Having been a home to countless civilizations, the birthplace of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is a land where the summers are exceptional and the winters are delightful; a place where many cultures live together, filled with warm, friendly people.

Türkiye'de Yaşam

There are many social and cultural activities to choose from which will engage your interest throughout the duration of your studies. Turkey is one of the very few countries where you can go skiing during the mid-term break and swim in the sea during the summer break…

Where the Turkish and Islamic culture is experienced in the most beautiful harmony, a modern and democratic country where welfare levels are increasing each and every day, throughout the duration of your studies in Turkey, you will have the chance to work as part-time interpreters in hotels and social venues and earn money. Scholarship grants from private institutions and foundations are also significant financial sources in addition to the state scholarships granted by the Turkish Government.

We Invite You to Study in Turkey’s Trademark Universities

If you wish to study in a pioneering university which upholds European standards and believes in academic freedom, we invite you to Turkey.

You will have the opportunity to continue your studies in a diverse and innovative research environment in Turkey; along with the chance to become an intern in the world-renowned Turkish companies with high brand value.

Students who graduate from Turkey return to their countries as self-confident, visionary world citizens with a solid foundation of knowledge. They become influential and noteworthy figures in every sphere of society. You can pursue an education in any field you wish in Turkey’s Foundation and State Universities, such as Healthcare, Law, Politics, Engineering and Social Sciences.

Not only do you have the chance to pursue your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD in Turkish universities, but you can also take advantage of the short-term courses in exchange programs such as Erasmus and Mevlâna, free of charge. Apart from universities where classes are in Turkish, you also have a choice of universities and departments which offer classes in English.

Our universities are not only places of education; they will also smile at you with their abundance of social activities and facilities where you can have a great time with friends…

You may choose to stay in a state or private dorm, or you can rent an apartment close to your campus.

We are making a difference with our laboratories equipped with the latest technology, and uniting your dreams with art. You can ensure your scientific development in these laboratories and kick start your career.

When you graduate from Turkey, you will be separate from the crowd, an admired citizen in your own country. You’ll be able to find jobs of the highest stature – both in your own country and in Turkey – and leap from success to success.

That is the value of a diploma obtained in Turkey, everywhere in the world.

Türkiye Haritası
Official Name: Republic Of Turkey
Capital: Ankara
Population: 76,667,864
Area: 814.578 km2
Geographic coordinates: 26o and 45o East Meridian, 36o and 42o North parallel
It is surrounded by the Black Sea in the north, the Aegean Sea in the West and the Mediterranean Sea in the South.
Language: The Official Language Is Turkish. It is widely known in English in major cities.
Currency: TL ( Turkish lira)
Time Zone: Eastern European Time zone (UTC +2) Monday and Friday are the working days in Turkey. Most government offices, banks and private company offices are open from 09:00 to 17:00.
Climate: the climate in our country, the Middle Belt December, January, February the months of winter; March, April, May are spring months; June, July, August summer; September, October, November in the month of 4 seasons, the effects of the fall are seen.

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