1) Can I get information about stydying in Turkey?

Studying conditions at Turkish universities vary according to the level of education (undergraduate, Master, Pdh) of each university and departments.  If you fill out the Pre-registration form on our website and send the necessary information and documents, we can give you detailed information.  Click for registration  https://issa.org.tr/en/preference-consultancy/     (Pre-registration is free.) If you fill out this form, we will find the 2-3 universities that best suit you and inform you about the conditions and send an invitation letter.


 2) In which languages ​​do Turkish universities offer education?

English and Turkish educations are usually provided in private universities.  In addition, some universities in English, French, Russian and Arabic offer courses in postgraduate programs (Master, Pdh).  However, the language of instruction in most public universities is Turkish.

 3) Can I get information about education fees in Turkey?

Tuition fees vary a lot according to the university, departments and cities.  Tuition fees for Private universities are higher (for example, computer engineering ranges from 3 000-8 000 USD / Year) but public universities are lower.  (For example, computer engineering varies between 200-500 USD / Year.) However, you have to pass the YÖS exam to enroll in public universities, and education is usually in Turkish language.  Enrollment in Private Universities is   done   only with your diploma average and the language of instruction is English.

If you prefer universities that are contracted with ISSA, you can benefit from special discounts and scholarships.  Click to view the Contracted Universities. https://issa.org.tr/en/anlasmali-universiteler-en/

 4) Do you have scholarship opportunities?

Generally, private universities offer various scholarships by discounting the education fees announced on their websites.  These scholarships can be 25% -50% -75% or totally free, depending on your diploma grade and our agreements.  For detailed information about the rates and conditions, you should pre-register freely on our website.  Click for the pre-registration.  https://issa.org.tr/en/preference-consultancy/   Furthermore the Republic of Turkey is giving scholarships to Foreign students.  Click for detail.  https://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/en

 5) How much can we have charge, other than tutution fees?

Apart from the education fee, your most important expenditure is accommodation and food expenses.  In addition, transportation, telephone and private expenses vary according to the preferences of each student.  However, you can plan an average of 500 USD / month in Istanbul, 350 USD / month in Ankara and 250 USD / month in other provinces

6) Will we also pay you an advisory fee as an agent?

We do not charge you consultancy and commission fees for enrollment in private universities.  Pre-registration is free from our website and we contact you after pre-registration.  However, if you want to enroll in public universities (except the Medicine, Dental, Pharmacy and Law departments), we will receive 300-800 USD as a consultancy and Interpretation fee.  You will also pay tuition fees to the university every year.  If you want to study at a public university, we start researching on your behalf.  We register you on behalf of any State university according to your Diploma grade, YÖS exam grade and the department that you want.  Do not forget that the education of most public universities is in Turkish.

7) Can I get information about YÖS exam?  Is YÖS Exam online?

YOS exam is an exam for foreign students wishing to study at the undergraduate level state universities in Turkey.  However, YÖS exam is not required in Master and Pdh.  Some private universities also take this exam to grant scholarships.  Private universities offer scholarships (discounts) of 25 to 100%, depending on the YÖS exam grade and diploma grade.  After the Covid epidemic, Online YÖS exams started.  We also conduct an Online YÖS exam with a partner.  Click for detailed information  https://issa.org.tr/en/yos-exam-pre-enrolment-form/

 8) What documents are required for registration?

Required documents and conditions vary according to each university.  Generally, each university requires a Passport, Passport Picture, Diploma and Transcript (document showing the grades of all years) translated into Turkish or English.  When filling out the pre-registration form, fill it completely and accurately.  Before filling the form, you should definitely examine the guide.  Click here to review the registration form filling guide.  https://issa.org.tr/en/form-filling-guide/

9) I pre-registered on your website.  How will the process after pre-registration continue?

When you pre-register on our website, you will receive an automatic e-mail with a Reference number.  Name- Surname and we will start the process when you send this message to our reference number (+ 90 541 932 36 59).  First of all, we will send your information and documents to the Universities.  We will receive and send you a pre-acceptance letter from 2-3 universities that are the most convenient for you in the sections you request.  When you decide on one of these universities, your final registration will be made by making a prepayment to the university.  Courses will generally start in September / October.  Turkey will let you know what date you will begin to come to the university.

10) Do you help with visa procedures and accommodation?

Unfortunately, we are currently working only on University registration and we can’t help for these.  In the following years, we will start working on visa and accommodation issues.

11) I cannot complete my documents due to Covid 19 Pandemic, what should I do?

Unfortunately, this year there are many disruptions due to the Covid epidemic.  But Turkey has exrended the registration time to the unibersities with a temporary law until November.  If you cannot complete your documents, let us know and we will get special permission for you.  You can also start classes in December if you cannot go abroad due to the Covid outbreak in your country.  You can follow the lessons online.

 12) I would like to receive postgraduate education, what are the conditions?

You must have completed a university in the relevant field.  When you pre-register on our website and send the necessary information and documents, we begin your research on your behalf.  Some universities may also ask you to pass an exam that determines your foreign language level.  Also in Turkey a CV and reference letter explaining why you want to study in Turkey is requested from the universities.  We will give you detailed information after your pre-registration.

In Turkey Master are 2 years, 4 years for PDH. In private university language of instruction in most of the English and Turkish.  Fees are variable depending on the department and university.  In general, tuition fees range for the Master is between 4 000-8 000 USD / Total, and for PDH is between 7 000-17 000 USD / Total.

13) Can we be registered in another university when we are already registered in a university in Turkey?

Yes, in Turkey after your studies a year in university you can switch to another public or private university the next year.  However, it is not a very easy process and the conditions to move from private university to state university are really hard.  Your GPA must be very high.  Transition from private university to another private university is easier.  In the first year, you can study language education at one private university and your department in another  private university.  In this case, you must pass the Language exam of the second university.

 14) I don’t know English and Turkish can I learn in Turkey?  Can I go to a language course?

 Turkish Universities have one-year Turkish or English foreign language courses.  In this section, you can study Turkish or English for one year.  After the course, you need to take the language exam and pass it.  You can also learn Language in private language courses or with online language training.  In this case, you have to pass the language course of the university after registration.

If you know Turkish or English, you should take the international exams and justify your knowledge.  Exam grades accepted by each University are announced on their websites.  (TOEFL, EPE, ILTSE, YEE etc.) The fees of the language courses at the university are variable and you can learn from their website.

 15) How many days after I pre-register on your website can I get a letter of admission from the university?

 After we receive your registration, we send it to universities, and after your file is examined, the letter of acceptance comes one in one week for the undergraduate programs, and in two weeks for postgraduate programs.  However, if your documents are incomplete, you cannot receive a letter of acceptance.  Particularly, the diploma and transcript (the document showing the grades of all the courses) must be translated in English or Turkish.  You can constantly ask and follow the process with us on Whatsapp (whatsapp no: +90 451 932 36 59).  Also, please note that the first acceptance letter is temporary.  After making the pre-payment to the university (approximately 1000 USD will be deducted from the annual tuition fee), you will receive a final acceptance letter and you can get your visa and realise the procedures with this final acceptance letter.

 16) How can we participate in the seminars that you organize online?

We organize OnLine Seminars in various languages ​​every week, in these seminars we describe Turkish universities and enrollments.  For seminar dates, see.  https://issa.org.tr/en/webinar-calendar/ On line you need to register before you can attend the seminars.  Participation in the seminar is free.  Click for registration to the seminar.  https://issa.org.tr/en/webinar-registration-form/ You can watch our seminars live and ask your questions from the link we send to you or from this link that can be entered without a password (https://eduinturkey.adobeconnect.com/english/ )

To watch the seminar, you need to download Adobe Connect program to your computer or mobile phone.  You can use the links below to download Adobe Connect Program.






 17) How can we communicate with you the fastest?

If you want to study in Turkey and you have questions  we will in priority answered via our Whatsapp number (+ 90 452 932 36 59).  You can also contact our Skype number (+90 542 932 36 59) and at eduinturkey@issa.org.tr   For current announcements and developments, follow us on our website and social media accounts.

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