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Form Filling Guide

Türkiye’de okuma şartları   WORD   PDF     I     Terms of reading in Turkey   WORD  PDF

Условия чтения в Турции    WORD  PDF     I     Conditions de lecture en Turquie    WORD  PDF

WORD  PDF     شرایط تحصیل دانشگاههای ترکیه   

University information and fees links

About the High School Graduated
The University that you Graduated

We will contact you with your WhatsApp number.

If you are planning a master or doctorate, send a letter of motivation and reference

Please upload the English or Turkish translation of the transcript and diploma.

Please attach a photo of your headshot

Someone else will write / It is required for Master and Doctorate

The student will write himself / It is required in the Master and Doctorate


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